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  • Bigblue 6500 Lumen Video Light
  • Bigblue 6500 Lumen Video Light

Bigblue 6500 Lumen Video Light

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Bigblue 6500 Lumen Video Light (come with ball joint and plate with glove for handheld purpose)

Bigblue 6500 Lumen Video Light

The CB6500P is a 6500-lumen 120º extra-wide-beam video light with an 85-Color Rendering Index. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and charger, sturdy hand mount and a one-inch ball mount for easy mounting.

  • 6500 Lumens at 5000K color temperature
  • A 120° extra-wide beam angle
  • The rechargeable Li-ion 27100×4 battery pack gives you two hours on the highest setting
  • Four power settings to reduce intensity and increase battery life
  • Color-coded battery indicator
  • 100M depth rating
  • United States customer service from our office in Clearwater, FL

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