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Cressi Marea Junior Dive Mask

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Smaller Version of the Marea Dive Mask with 2 Separate Lenses & Clear Silicone Strap & Skirt. Particularly Suitable for Young Diver with Age around 7 to 13 Years Old & Specifically Designed for Snorkeling & Freediving

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Cressi Marea Junior Dive Mask

Smaller version of the Marea mask, The Marea Jr is particularly designed and suitable for women and young divers, providing an exceptionally wide field-of-view. This mask has two separate lenses, and is specifically designed for snorkeling, free diving and also perfect for scuba diving. It is made from transparent Silflex, and has an inner seal ring to guarantee comfort and an excellent seal on most face types. It has a smaller internal volume and visibility is excellent in all directions. It has quick-release strap buckles. With an easy-to-reach nose pocket making equalization quick and easy, even while wearing thick gloves. The wide silicone split strap provides ultimate comfort and fit.



  • 100% high quality clear silicone
  • Easy-to-adjust buckle system
  • Dual tempered-glass lenses
  • Double feathered skirt edge
  • Small inner volume

Technical Specification:

  • A double feathered skirt edge adapts to most faces and a small inner volume that is perfect for going deep underwater. The adaptable percentage of more than 85%.
  • 360º adjustable pivoting belts, perfect also for diving centers’ usage or intensive use.
  • Clear silicone strap and skirt.
  • Internal volume: 80 cm3
  • Weight: 120 gr.
  • 2 windowed mask.
  • It has dual tempered glass lenses. Thanks to the low profile design the lenses are slightly inclined to stay close to the eyes ensuring a wide field of view.
  • Made of high-quality sealing soft silicone that offers extraordinary and unprecedented comfort and fit.
  • The nose pocket is soft and easy-to-reach, perfect to easy equalize the pressure even wearing gloves.
  • The mask is equipped with micrometric buckles for easy adjust the strap length.
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Produsent Cressi
Kjønn Kids/Juniors
Product Type Mask

Cressi Marea Junior Dive Mask Dimension Chart

Cressi Marea Junior Dive Mask Dimension Chart