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  • Mares Dragon SLS Package
  • Mares Dragon SLS Package
  • Mares Dragon SLS Package
  • Mares Dragon SLS Package
  • Mares Dragon SLS Package


Mares Dragon SLS Package

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Tilbudspris: kr 12 195,24

Førpris: kr 12 195,20

Price as configured: kr 14 634,24

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Mares Dragon SLS Package
- Fusion 72X
- Mares Puck Air
- Dragon SLS
- Octopus Fusion

Mares Octopus Fusion    (Shipped in 2-3 weeks)   +kr 0,00
Mares Instrument Mission 2C    (Shipped in 2-3 weeks)   +kr 0,00

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Price as configured: kr 14 634,24

Mares Dragon SLS Package

Mares Dragon SLS

Kaila/Dragon SLS

All of the main characteristics of the Dragon have been developed
for even greater comfort and stability combined with excellent fit and

Mares Regulator Fusion 72X


The benchmark in high-performance scuba regulators, the Fusion, offers Twin Power control, optimized performance, durability and award-winning design! All this combined with the 72X first stage which, with it's compact dimensions, is also adapted to recreational or tech configurations.

First Stage

- 4 vertical and 4 radial LP ports (PAT. PENDING)
- Ideal for all tech and recreational diving configurations
- Natural DFC on all LP ports
- Pre-oriented HP ports
- AST - 1st Stage Dry System
- Pearl chrome finish
- Compact dimensions

Second Stage

- Twin power system
- Metal 2nd stage with pearl chrome finish
- High air flow
- Wide pivoting purge button
- Superflex LP hose

Mares Octopus Fusion

Octopus Fusion

The Twin Power system, VAD and VAD+, is also featured in the octopus.
Allowing the diver to modulate airflow without compromising breathing effort.
“All Metal” technology for maximum performance, even in cold water. The l
arge purge button is effortless to use while wearing gloves. The super flex
hose offers maximum comfort even with prolonged use.

  Mares Puck Air Console

The sporty and functional design includes all the information that enthusiasts cannot do without. With Puck Air dive computer as your guide, you’ll always know what to do. In particular, with the Easy Access System, navigating the computer menu has never seemed so easy!

Mares Regulator Fusion 72X

- Material: Metal Technology
- First stage: Balanced Diaphragm
- High pressure ports: 2 HP 7/16" UNF ports
- Low pressure ports: 8 LP 7/16" UNF ports

Mares Octopus Fusion

- Twin power system 
- Vad system 
- Highest air flow 
- Superflex hose 
- Wide pivoting purge button

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