Poseidon #1 Oxygen Grease

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Oxygen Lubricant for Liquid & Gaseous Oxygen

Part Number: 8515

Poseidon #1 Oxygen Grease

Test certificate up to 270 bar and 60° C suitable as a lubricant for oxygen and Nitrox regulators Lubricants for oxygen and nitrox valves and fittings On each oxygen cylinder and each oxygen gauge you will find the hint not greases or oils. Whether advertised or with the symbol eienes crossed out oil can. Oxygen and hydrocarbons do not belong together. But what do you do with oxygen-bearing systems and fittings that are stressed dynamically? Oxygenated lubricants are available. This 10g tube contains the Gleitmo from Fuchs Lubrikation. A lubricant for all parts in contact with pure oxygen eg: B. Oxygen pressure reducers, oxygen valves and all oxygen fittings. Suitable for technical, medical and food contact applications. It is indispensable for breathing regulator maintenance for Nitrox regulators.

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SKU 8515
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