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  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing
  • XDEEP ZEOS 28 Wing


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A Modern Classic Single Wing Design with Improved Construction, the Materials, Optimisation of Balance & Gas Movement in the Wing. Suitable for Warm Water Ali Tank Diving & With 13Kg of Lift Provides Females & Adventurers with a Smaller Build or Height with a Great Solution.


A wing designed and proven to lift your diving

The ZEOS wing design is performance focused. A proven approach, the wing is perfectly balanced for ideal trim. Technical excellence is achieved by using the best materials and European manufacturing coupled with XDEEP diving passion.

Available in various models :


*ZEOS 38
Single tank bladder providing 17 kg (38 lbs) lift.

*ZEOS 28

Single tank bladder providing 12 kg (28 lbs) lift.



Classical ideas uplifted for the modern diver

At first glance the ZEOS is a classic single wing design, but look closer. Every component has been improved, whether the construction, the materials or optimisation of balance and gas movement in the wing. This is a truly modern classic.


An uplifting wing

The hydro-dynamic profile of the wing has been redesigned from first principles. This reduces drag and coupled with careful attention to the wing’s geometry, trim and stability are enhanced.

Perfectly matching the centre of buoyancy of the cylinder, the wing holds you in flat trim, making propulsion easier and improving your gas consumption as a result.



Just as comfortable at the surface

The ZEOS wing is designed to remain submerged whilst you are upright at the surface. Consequently, it provides more uplift and buoyancy. ZEOS holds you clear of even the worst surface conditions. Sit high and in comfort whilst waiting to board your ride home



ZEOS, Tailor made to suit you

The ZEOS can be customised to suit both your bodytype, your preferences and the style of diving you enjoy. You can customise your inflator hose lengths, the wing lift and set it up on the harness and backplate that suits you. Although if we might suggest, the ZEOS full system is perfectly engineered for this wing.



As much lift as you want

Too much lift can result in oversize and unwieldy wings, especially if you are not the world’s largest diver. Pick the wing that suits your own adventures. The ZEOS 38 has 17 kg (38 lbs) of lift in a compact, streamlined and rugged package. The ZEOS 28 provides 13 kg (28 lbs) of lift, offering the choice of a smaller but equally tough solution for the more ‘compact’ adventurer or for lightweight cylinders.

Choose inflator of optimal length

The comfort related to the use of the inflator depends on its length. An inflator which is too-long or too-short may even cause the best wing or jacket to be uncomfortable to use. Depending on your height, you need an inflator of greater or smaller length. When you order ZEOS wing, you can choose from three different lengths of the inflator hose: 14", 16" or 19". Thanks to that, you are sure that your set will ideally match your needs.



The ZEOS is the result of wanting to improve on the best single tank wings in the world. We are proud to have developed a lightweight, tough and perfectly engineered wing, manufactured in Europe from the best materials sourced in Germany and the USA. Enjoy your diving adventures backed by our passion.




CORDURA® is a widely known brand of polyamide fabrics of the highest resistance resulting from special weave structure and weaving method. The outer side of CORDURA® fabric is coated with Teflon aperture, which ensures very high resistance to abrasion. The inner side of the CORDURAŸ fabric we use is coated with a layer of polyurethane. 

The XDEEP dive gear are only made of CORDURA®Ÿ fabric produced in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards of INVISTA company. 

CORDURA® is a registered trademark of INVISTA company for resistant textile fabrics. Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.



Anti-bacterial Coating

The moisture inside the BCD or a buoy creates perfect conditions for the development of different types of microorganisms, including fungi and pathogenic bacteria. 

By removing water from the BCD after the dive, like it or not you form some aerosol which is filled with numerous bacteria. And from there it is very easy for them to get to your lungs and sinus. 

Many divers have already experienced how bothersome it is, when chronic problems with upper airways deprived them of diving for many long months. 

In order to reduce the risk, the inner shell in all XDEEP buoyancy compensators and SMBs contains special agent preventing the development of bacteria and fungi. The agent, safe for people, permanently adheres to the shell, so it does not rinse off and protects your dive gear during the entire period of use.



TPU 0.215mm coating

To provide water tightness of the bladder in each wing the bladder material is coated with a special outer shell made of thermo-weldable polyurethane, during the production. It enables welding the bladder consisting of two parts and filling it with air. 

Its parameters and quality translates directly into your safety and durability of the BCD. We can say with no exaggeration that it is one of the most essential parts of each wing and diving buoy. 

In general, in wings and jackets shells of thickness from 0.08 mm to 0.2 mm are applied. In xDEEP buoyancy compensators we use materials coated with as much as 0.215 mm-thick TPU shell. The shells of higher thickness are more resistant to any damage that thinner shells. Consequently, it provides better safety of use.



"K" type inflator

K-type inflator used as a standard type of inflators in all our buoyancy compensators is a balanced piston type inflator, which enables precise adding of the gas to the buoyancy compensator. 

The body of the inflator is made of POM-H poliacetal of very high mechanical durability and 100% resistance to salt water.The seat of the valve is made of metal and therefore the inflator is definitely more resistant to freezing than other inflators made completely of plastic. All metal parts of the inflator are made of top quality alloys resistant to salt water. 

The inflator is equipped with the most popular type of medium pressure hose connection so there are no problems with its incompatibility with the first stage hose. The material retains very high mechanical resistance and flexibility both in low winter temperatures and in tropical heat.



Ultrasonic Welding

Welding of some elements in the dive gear, such as reinforcement of valve seats, requires precise heating-up of the joint without heating-up the entire element. The said requirement is satisfied only by the state-of-the-art welding method, i.e. ultrasonic welding. 

It involves introducing sound waves of over 20KHz frequency to the fabrics to be joined together using sonotrode (picture nearby). At the junction of two fabrics the mechanical energy is converted into heat and pressure, which results in welding the fabrics. The heat is generated point-wise only at the junction of the fabrics to be joint together, which as a result makes it possible to avoid harmful heating of the entire fabric. 

The elements of our SMBs and diving BCDs are welded with the use of specialized numerically controlled welding machine and instrumentation specially constructed for the said purpose. 

The process guarantees very precise control of energy transferred to the fabric providing solid and repeatable welds.


HF Welding

Welding is one of the stages in the production of BCDs and diving buoys. In XDEEP we attach a lot of significance to the quality of the said process since durability and weld resistance exert great impact on your safety. 

From among several different welding technologies, we have selected HF welding because of very high repeatability of parameters, homogeneity of welds and fully automatic process. 

The fabric is inserted between two electrodes and then the computer begins to control the welding process. The electrodes are connected to the source of high-frequency electric power, and a special controller strictly regulates the power and time of welding to obtain the top-quality weld. 

Thanks to such advanced technology and top-quality of fabrics used for production, XDEEP scuba gear is provided with lifetime guarantee on all welds.



Fabric Laser Cutting

The bladders in all xDEEP wings are cut with the use of specialized laser for cutting fabric. 

The computer-controlled machine equipped with high power laser cuts the shape of the bladder with an accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre with all necessary openings. The edge of the material at the cut is immediately protected against fraying during longer use.


Amann Serabond Thread

Serabond® is the top quality technical thread of Performance techX type, made of continuous polyester fibres and produced in Germany by Amann & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, the leading company on the market of more than 150 years of tradition. 

Serabond thread used as a standard thread in XDEEP diving gear was specially designed for long years of operation in extreme marine conditions and is highly resistant to all types of factors which occur during diving at sea, including the impact of salt water, UV radiation and variable temperatures. 

Thanks to such reliable thread you can be sure that XDEEP diving gear will last for many years, regardless of the types of dives you are going to use it for. 

Serabond is a trademark of Amann & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG.


Triple, Fully Trimmed Seams

Apparently, the seams which are of little importance, in the diving gear can cause a lot of trouble. We enormously care about the quality of the XDEEP diving gear. 

The XDEEP wings are provided with a triple seam, trimmed from inside, which protects the BCD against fraying of the material edges. Such solution increases the costs of the production but guarantees that the final product will be very resistant and durable.

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